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Norwegian Fjords


Caribbean Southern

  Western Mediterranean  

 Set a late spring course for Norway's stunning coast on a memorable cruise,

Beyond Bergen's photogenic clapboard warehouses, you'll reach Olden And Geiranger deep in the Fjords







A cruise to the Caribbean is arguably the best way to explore the dusting of islands that lie to the south of Florida. The reason is simple. While they are collectively known for their sandy beaches and enviable weather, each island has its own distinct character, so to visit and contrast several on one holiday is a rewarding experience indeed.


 Athens is the 'Birthplace of Modern Democracy,' a city whose architectural, art, and political triumphs are a universal legacy. Discover the perfectly-proportioned Parthenon built during the Golden Age of Peracles. Stroll through the ancient columns of the Stoa, where Plato once lectured, or explore the twisting lanes and lively tavernas of the Plaka.










7 nights - 19/June/2019
From £799pp
    24 nights - 19/Nov/2018
From £379pp
    9 nights - 27/Oct/2018
 From £899pp