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Alaska is so large and new, so unconquered and exquisitely real, as to defy summation. Natural forces of vast scale and subtlety were still shaping the land in their own way, inscribing a different story on each of an infinite number of unexpected places. Each region, whether populated or not, was unique far beyond my ability to explain.


In contrast to many places you might choose to visit, it's Alaska's unformed newness that makes it so interesting and fun. Despite the best efforts of tour planners, the most memorable parts of a visit are unpredictable and often unexpected: a humpback whale leaping clear of the water, the face of a glacier releasing huge ice chunks, a bear feasting on salmon in a river, a huge salmon chomping onto your line. You can look at totem poles and see Alaska Native cultural demonstrations, and you can also get to know indigenous people who still live by traditional ways. And sometimes grand, quiet moments come, and those are the ones that endure most deeply.



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Alaska's largest city is the hub of the state, and its central position, mild temperatures and outstanding transport system to and from the rest of the country has made it an important destination for travellers. 



 Inside Passage

Shaped by the carving of massive glaciers millions of years ago, Southeast Alaska is an astounding region of deep fjords, glaciers, majestic mountains and forests. 





Accessible only by sea or air, Alaska's 'Gateway to the Glaciers' is the state's scenic capital situated among spectacular mountains on the shores of the Gastineau Channel. 




The 'salmon capital of the world' started as a summer fish camp on the shores of Ketchikan Creek used by the Tlingit natives, and became a major salmon canning centre. 




Widely regarded as Alaska's most beautiful seaside town, Sitka sits on the wild Baranof Island at the foot of the Mount Edgecumbe volcano, its harbour dotted with islets and surrounded by forests. 



Skagway, at the northernmost point of the Inside Passage, is the main port of call for cruise ships, and was the trading post serving the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897.