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Set Sail for a Memorable Wedding


To make your wedding truly memorable, take to the high seas. More engaged couples are choosing destination weddings, and the cruise industry provides a wonderful array of possibilities. Imagine exchanging vows on the breezy deck of a cruise ship, against a backdrop of calm, blue ocean. Or, say "I do" after the ship docks in a port of call: your wedding photo could show you on a tropical beach, beside an awe-inspiring glacier, atop a volcano or in a lush rainforest.

Don’t forget that all the amenities of your cruise ship will be available for you to enjoy, both before and after the ceremony. When you get married on a cruise, it’s a wedding and honeymoon rolled into one!

However, complex regulations mean it is not always possible for a legal marriage ceremony to be performed on a cruise ship or by the captain. However, more cruise lines are offering this feature. Often times, the couple chooses to have the actual wedding onshore. 

Cruise lines also offer 
wedding coordination services to ensure that brides and grooms have everything they want and need, from delicious cake and Champagne to relaxing his-and-her spa treatments.

Couples who plan to be married on a cruise should talk with us at Cruise Holidays, as soon as possible, to explore all of the options available, and to ensure time for processing of the necessary documents.

If you’re already married, remember that cruises provide wonderful opportunities for vow-renewal ceremonies, too. And, if you’re not yet engaged, but are getting close: what better time and place to pop the question than on a romantic cruise?